Noida twin towers

5 Reasons why Twin Towers of Noida got demolished? Leave a comment

They made the use of waterfall demolishment technique.

This was a tight slap on capitalists who think they can dominate people.

Sumit Ranjan, CEO Quassarian Innovations

Money is not the absolute power in a democratic country. This is what the present demolishment of twin towers has proved. The property owned by Supertech – one of the builder giants of India, they thought they can do anything because they have the power of money.

In crave for extra profit, they cheated with the government and the public by showing them the different model and delivering something else, that resulted in a massive downfall at the end.

These are the 5 major points the explains the demolishment scenario in detail.

  • The demolition was ordered by the supreme court as the building was in the premises of Emerald Court society and was violating the norms.
  • The construction was not as per the sanctioned plan. Initially the Supertech Emerald Court housing society was sanctioned with a building plan of 14 towers with nine floors in each. But without taking any further sanction, they construction the twin towers.
  • The place where the twin towers were had to be a public garden area as per the sanction.
  • The property buyers who paid for floors as per the sanctioned plan made multiple appeals in the Allahabad court and later in supreme court about the illegal change in building plan.
  • Later the decision came in favour of home buyers. Furthermore the building was not made as per the building norms and as per noida development authority.
Power of common man

The builders had reportedly showed something else to the public. Consequently after taking the payment they made something else. Supertech twin towers was going to become a hell with not much open space, not enough space for garden. Just a block of concrete erected to build more and more flats.

The buyers made multiple petition in the Allahabad High Court and that couldn’t come to any conclusion, could be power of money? Further the case went to supreme court and the voice of common man won.

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