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VCS Hazaribagh – Vivekananda Jayanti 8

VCS Hazaribagh AKA Vivekananda Central School (Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Ashrama): . On the occasion of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, there happened a huge celebration at the school. Sumit Ranjan who is the Director of home appliances brand Quassarian Innovations was present here with his father Mr. Raj Kishor Pandey. Sumit is a former student of this school who dropped out after 12th to pursue entrepreneurship.

Four years after his journey he was invited by the school authority to receive blessings from his old teachers, his principal Mausmi Maiti and school director Swami Tapananda. It was an awe to listen Sumit Ranjan sharing his 4 years of entrepreneurial journey.

[Pic: Sumit with Swami Tapanand Ji (Right) and Principal Mausmi Maiti (Left)]

Excellent teachers : VCS Hazaribagh

Sumit shared how the school teachers were helpful in bringing out the scientist within him. Firstly he mentions his old teacher, Usha Ma’am whose science classes he used to attend carefully. And that she helped him give his curiosity a new spark through her lectures.

VCS Hazaribagh Teacher Subrato Banerjee sir

Sumit, who later gets recognised for his attempt of making a car run on water, the spark of working on water engine origins into a science class of 8th standard lecture by Subrata Sir. He was in discussion with the teacher about possible fuel sources for future that the teacher hints him for possibility of using urine as fuel. The same idea further turned to an attempt of making a water engine. Although the experiment did not yield its ultimate result yet proved to be an excellent enhancement in engineering and presentation skills. The same experiment made him design spiro jet engine, a new kind of high voltage switch, hydrogen combustion chamber, innovative engine cooling methods etc. Back then the work gets featured by Times, Daily Pioneer, The Telegraph and many national and international media.

[Pic: Sumit with Subrata Sir]

Library and research

Sumit Ranjan with cold fusion reactor

The theory of constant light speed, a research paper by Sumit that he started working on in class 7th, that he accomplishes while in class 11th. The spark could never get ignited without research level library.

Moreover, he makes his acknowledgements towards the school library. Consequently how the availability of research level books to school students and mentorship helped him finish his first research. His research proves why does the light travels at a constant speed. Consequently the research paper gets published in The International Journal of Science and Technolodge, in Volume 3, issue 8 of August 2015 edition.

Innovation encouragement

He further mentions that the school also helped him sharpen his experimental skills. By encouraging his endeavour through participation in various state level exhibitions and science related co-curricular activities.

Above all, the moment was of sheer nostalgia for Sumit and his school teachers.

The event finally came to an end with warm blessings of Swami Tapanand Ji. Blessings by Samapti Paul Sir, Soma Naag Ma’am, Chandan Sir and warm blessings of all other teachers present there.

VCS HAZARIBAGH – Vivekananda Central School (Highlights)


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