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Best Geyser in India Quassarian Yokoi

(10 customer reviews)

500 in stock (can be backordered)

Quassarian Yokoi – 15 litre The Best geyser in India.

  • Best geyser in India⚡100% Copper Element 

Quassarian Yokoi is the Best Geyser in India | Best Geyser 2021 ⚡ Best Geyser of 15 Litre ⚡

Quassarian Yokoi has a uniqueness and connected emotion. So we have made the best geyser in India to honour Shoichi Yokoi.


  • Best geyser in India: ISI Marked
  • Best geyser in India has a Tank Capacity of 15 Ltr
  • Heating Element: 100% Copper (Premium Quality)
  • Best geyser’s Tank: Stainless Steel  heavy duty tank (SS Tank 304 grade)
  • LED Indicator: Colour changing LEDs to indicate the hotness of water.
  • Outer Body: Rust and shock proof ABS outer body for long life.
  • Power Cord: Fire retardant power cord for maximum safety . 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure: Suitable for high rise buildings and pressure pump applications
  • Best geyser; Operating Voltage: 230 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz AC
  • Includes: Geyser, Manual, Wall Mounting Accessory and 2 Flexi pipes
Best geyser in India Quassarian Yokoi
Best geyser in India Quassarian Yokoi
Best geyser in India Quassarian Yokoi
Best geyser in India Quassarian Yokoi

6250 9700

500 in stock (can be backordered)

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Best geyser in India 15 Liter Quassarian Yokoi.

Quassarian Yokoi has a uniqueness and connected emotion. So we have made the best geyser in India to honour Shoichi Yokoi.

Shoichi Yokoi – History behind Quassarian Yokoi best geyser in India

Shoichi Yokoi was a sergeant. He was in the Imperial Japanese Army during the World War II. 28 Years after the word war, in 1977 he was discovered in the jungles of Guam. Still active and fighting for 28 years totally unaware of the fact that the war was over.He was one among last three Japanese holdouts (who never surrendered). To honour his bravery, we bring you Quassarian Yokoi that lasts forever.

How to choose the best geyser?

Geysers are essential for every home. In the chilling cold weather, warm shower is delightful. Bring Quassarian Yokoi, the best geyser in India.

When deciding the best geyser for you, it is essential to keep few factors in mind.

Geysers are not just for your comfort but also adds up a value to your ambience. The geyser you decide should be a perfect match to your beautiful home.

The look should be very updated and modern. The power consumption is an another important factor that one should consider.

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We suggest Quassarian Yokoi as an excellent water heating solution

Always go for a copper geyser. Copper has low resistance to electricity. As a result it consumes less power. Copper geysers are long lasting because it’s a great conductor. Heats less so reacts less and lasts long. Our geyser, Quassarian Yokoi is a perfect match to all your needs. It’s not just Yokoi by its name but it’s a heavy duty high performing geyser. In short, it’s a real warrior in the geyser industry . Every single component of this geyser is lab tested for its heavy duty and performance and quality. The geyser comes 5 star rated which makes it least power consuming geyser.


In terms of longevity Quassarian Yokoi comes with 7 years of warranty on tank and 2 years of complete warranty. No other company is this good in terms of customer relation.  It’s a geyser with longest life. There is no doubt in saying, this is the product you are actually looking for.

Adorable Quality

In this winter, don’t mess with messy water heaters and immersion rods, bring home a Quassarian. The quality you will feel with every touch, the experience you will get are all delightful. It’s not just warm water that you need, its the feeling of quality.

Why look for anything else when Quassarian is giving best geyser in India.

Quassarian Yokoi- the fight must go on. (Read on Facebook) 

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 44 × 40 × 62 cm


Best geyser in India is Quassarian Yokoi

Looking for the best then lets choose the best, Quassarian Yokoi is the Best geyser in India


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    kusum solanki
    August 12, 2021
    बहुत सुंदर geyser है. बहुत अच्छी लगी क्वालिटी.
    surbhi Suman
    August 10, 2021
    Nice one
    Best Geyser in India Quassarian Yokoi photo review
    Sarina Davulluri
    July 25, 2021
    Product is good and at a reasonable price. Could find only this one with BIS marking.
    khushi raj
    July 20, 2021
    Gorgeous geyser
    Roumita Tiwari
    June 27, 2021
    Best and beautiful geyser
    Priya Sigh
    May 19, 2021
    WOW this is a wonderful product. Best geyser
    Shruti Juyal
    May 12, 2021
    Thank you Quassarian for making this beautiful geyser. This is exactly what I was looking for to fit with my new ambience. Yeah I can say this is the best geyser in India.
    lakshmi joshi
    May 3, 2021
    My family appreciated my purchase. Good decision made. Thank you Quassarian
    Sabita Goyal
    March 28, 2021
    Great Product.
    Raghav Shekhar
    February 7, 2021
    Best geyser with ultimate finish and best packing. I really love the smoothness and shine.
0 out of 5
5250 9700
0 out of 5
6250 9700

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