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Let’s understand in deep why Umga is so important for history.

Mr. Sumit Ranjan, the CEO of Quassarian Innovations solves the problem of drinking water here.

Umga is a pilgrimage site of Hindu importance. It has got its recognition under UNESCO world heritage. There are a cluster of ancient hindu temples located on the foothills of Umga Range. It’s a beautiful site where you can see the Indian history still alive and original.

It’s a beautiful sightseeing and adventure trekking location surrounded by prehistoric caves, forests, lagoons, hills from all side and streams. Apart from religious worships, people often opt this place for camping and picnic.

From the history

Umga used to be an ancient factory of building temples. The quality of stone found here is so good that the stones from here even got transported to be used in South Indian temples, some 1800 Kms away.

The Umga temples are built with interlocking method. Where giant rocks are carved into blocks that interlocks with each other to get joined. There is no use mortar or cement for joints. Scriptures date this temple back to Treta Yuga, 700 thousand years old. While modern carbon dating proves the temple to be at least a thousand year old. Although the carbon dating data can’t be much relied on because it only gives the result with the data from last dead carbon deposition on the rock that usually doesn’t date anything with human interference beyond a thousand years with correctness.

How old is Umga?

Above the sun temple, there comes Mata Umgeshwari temple and ruins of many other ancient temples. Here you can find a Shiva Linga that dates back to 700 thousand years or 100 thousand years at least. This time period was first calculated by Mr. Sumit Ranjan himself.

Axial shift of Umga’s Umgeshwari Shiva ling by 30 degrees from actual north. Image captured and copyrighted by Sumit Ranjan.

Shiva Lingas are made with high precision. In which the Argha yoni part always points to the absolute north. It’s done by matching this with the Pole Star. The Argha Yoni now has 30 degrees shifted from the present north. The polar north of the earth goes with a shift of 90 degrees every 300 thousand years. 30 degrees shift here means the north where the Shiva Linga was pointing to has travelled 100 thousand year of distance minimum. Though this is cyclic, so if we consider it completed 1 rotation, it must have taken 600 thousand years. And adding the 30 degree shift to it makes the period match with the scriptures that claims 700 thousand years.

Evolution of rock cutting technology

Here you can see a unique ancient rock cutting method that made the use of wood to cut the stones. They used to bore several linear holes. And then fill those holes with dry wood and soak it with water. The wood then expands and breaks the rock. The signs of such method is still present.

Drinking water by Quassarian

Mr. Sumit Ranjan, the CEO and founder of Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd. donates Quassarian oxygenator RO in Umga Surya Mandir, Madanpur, Aurangabad. Being located on top of a hill in a dry region, drinking water is a major issue here. Considering this, Mr. Sumit decided to solve this problem so that the tourists and the pujaris visiting and serving the main temple could get benefited.

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