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Are we going to get satellite messaging feature in iphone14? Will there be no network needed in messaging? Is the era of mobile phone going to get revolutionised?

We are just 6 days away from iphone 14 launch

Let’s talk about the changes which are expected.

iphone14 launch is right around the corner.

iphone 13 vs iphone 14 similarities

Based on various leaked informations, we are going to discuss about what is going to remain the same and what is going to get changed in iphone 13 vs iphone 14.

DISPLAY: When we talk about the display, nothing is going to get changed. Moreover iphone 14 is coming with the same OLED super retina XDR display. Furthermore, the appearance will slightly differ in terms of the notch (black notch for front camera and face id on front display), the notch is expected to go off this year.

Apple has decided to keep its face ids working as usual. Moreover there is not going to be any change at all in the face id technology.

Consicutively, its also rumoured that apple is going to continue its A15 bionic chip for iphone 14 as well. For instance, If it does happen performance will still be improved in many ways.

  • Camera aperture is going to get f/1.8 ultra wide.
  • Front camera may get auto focus like the back camera.
  • Wifi will get upgraded to Wifi6E.
  • Satellite Messaging: Leaks are saying that you will be able to send SOS messages even without network to report crash, lost, fire etc. However, this satellite messaging will enable the users to send location as well as message as a SOS signal. Think of the revolution that this technology will create in terms of personal safety. In other words, from now on, no plane crashes will go un found like this.

This was just a brief on what we can expect from the launch of september 7th. This information was totally based on leaked data. Yet, hang on and wait for the actual launch to see the real updates.

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