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Covid Testing Booth allows to carry out tests on patients with corona virus symptoms but without direct contact between the medical staff and the patients. It is necessary to find urgent solution that allow diagnostic to be carried out safely in public places, as well well hospitals,clinics and blood testing laboratories. Covid Testing Booth has proven to be a reliable solution for the comprehensive protection of heath care workers.

For safe testing purpose , Webgax has innovated covid testing booth which becomes easier ,secure and quicker and its possible just because hardworking team of Webgax . the booth itself is more than just four walls which is made of sterile Aluminium Coated Plastic) and front half wall transparent with sealed glass pannel, back side door for enter in booth, a ceiling and hard water proof wooden flooring. Additional services like UV rays, cabin fan,switches and a pair of gloves, exaust fan,tubelight and a pair of gloves. An innovation like the covid testing booth have been developed and deployed by Webgax at three hundred health centres in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. Booth is going to make testing easier and its safe for medical assistants who are swabbing , its totally safe for patients also.

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