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What qualities one expects from an ideal product? There are two key factors that makes a product great. One is its quality and the other is the service. India’s leading geyser manufacturing brand Quassarian takes care for this all.

Technical aspects that makes Quassarian the best geyser.

In the field of heating and cooling appliances, the efficiency of the device matters the most. Quassarian comes with pure copper heating element. Copper being a great conductor makes the product efficient in terms of electricity and heat transfer. The thermostat sensors being in proximity to copper receives accurate heat reading and takes instant action. This on time clicking, switching, accurate reading makes the product more durable for longer time.

Some geysers often face problem of deposition of white hard layer on the tank, Quassarian has taken special care for this. Quassarian comes with special coating on its tank that does not allow any such deposition.

For further customer satisfaction, they are giving 7 years of warranty on their product’s tank.

Energy Saving

In terms of energy saving, Quassarian has left many brands behind and became the best geyser in india. Quassarian is rated 5 star in energy saving.

best geyser
best geyser

Quassarian products are ISI marked and CE certified. The products are recommended by industry experts and world famous technocrats.

Voice of experts

Experts recommend Quassarian products for the superior quality. The products are very budget friendly.

The ABS variant has special sleek design. The product fits beautifully with the ambience. When installed in a bathroom, one feels like something incredible is here for new luxury experience.


Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing brand of world class electrical and electronics home appliances. We have our chain of retail stores in India and 4 other nations.

The company says “We provide world class door step service. Once we have received your complaint, we immediately process it and align our trained service personnel to visit and serve you at your doorstep.”


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  3. Very nice work. Keep it up.

    Shivani Rana
  4. I’m willing to buy more products from Quassarian. I was looking for a nice innovative geyser for my need then I came across Quassarian Yokoi geyser. Without giving a second thought I purchased it, now i feel glad to have it. Thanks Quassarian and Team.

  5. You make amazing products. We are happy to buy from you.

    radhika yadav
  6. Quassarian makes the best geyser in India. They have the most popular geysers.

    Kumum Srivastava

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